TOP 12 Baltic agencies in 2019

Traditional Baltic Agency Rating will be revealed on August 30th during the Balticbest 2019 Gala.

The ranking is based on the winnings of various local and international festivals. The final rating will include the points from Balticbest 2019 as well.

In previous years, the winners of Baltic Agency Ranking have been DDB Latvia (2018), MILK (2017, 2016, 2015) and Not Perfect Vilnius (2014).

We calculated the scores before Balticbest. The final result will be clear when the points for the Balticbest winnings are added, but it is very likely that the winner is going to be one of the following agencies. Below are the unofficial results before Balticbest.

TOP 12 Baltic agencies 2019 in alphabetical order:

Adell Taivas Ogilvy (LIT)


DDB Latvia (LAT)

Deep White (LAT)


Idea Prima (LIT)

McCann Rīga (LAT)

Not Perfect Vilnius (LIT)

Optimist (EST)

Zavod BBDO (EST)

Tabasco (EST)

Tank (EST)