Special category for the micro countries at BalticBest

We encourage agencies from micro- countries (with a population under 1 million) to compete at Balticbest 2021. We rarely see work from really small countries in international advertising competitions, mainly because of cost and unequal competition with the giants (such as the USA or China). It’s time to lift such barriers!
Balticbest offers an opportunity to compete with similar agencies from similar countries and get feedback from the International jury.
We welcome agencies from countries like Luxembourg, Iceland, Malta, Montenegro, Greenland, Fiji, Maldives, Brunei, Belize, Seychelles, and many others to participate!
We have introduced a special category – SMALL BUT MIGHTY. This special media-neutral award is for the agencies of small countries from all over the World (with a population under 1 million). Design, TV, Print, Digital, Social Media, etc – all can be entered in this special category.
Grand Prix will be awarded in this category and the winner will go to EPICA for free!
Three works can be entered for the special price of 125 euros (less than 42 euros per entry).
Balticbest competition is already opened and the deadline for submissions is August 12th. The work of the BalticBest jury will be broadcasted live on August 25th, where competitors will be able to see and hear the jury’s comments on their work in real time.