Reading online comments helps to create marketing ideas

Interview with BalticBest jury member Dina Dretvic, Strategic Planning Director of Imago Ogilvy (Croatia)

How much do you use AI in your daily work?

We have started to use several AI tools already a while ago and it is surprising how fast these tools are developing. Let’s take Midjourney as an example: three months ago it was not possible to use it for drawing a human hand, for example. Right now the quality of human hand (and face) images is already very good.

We use AI often for creating mood boards for client presentations, and also to get some inspiration for our creative work.

But we do not use it for creating actual images for campaigns – yet!

We are not afraid that AI will take over the jobs of advertising creatives at the moment. AI cannot create original ideas like humans do.

AI is so over-hyped in the advertising industry right now, what are other notable trends in the industry?

I do not know if this can be called a “trend”, but I would say the use of digital communication channels and tools. I have been in the advertising business for almost 20 years and digital is still growing.

Every campaign has a digital component today.

You are a strategic planner, how do you get ideas and inspiration?

The best source of inspiration is people. Sometimes I just ride a public bus, for example, and observe people. Another good way is to read online forums and comments.

It is very useful to observe people’s behavior and monitor their opinions in a real, non-test lab environment. Focus groups are good, but people tend to control what they say in such an environment.

To gather consumer insights, I also do a lot of desk research, and look at existing data. This may sound boring, but such information is very valuable.

We also do traditional research and conduct focus groups with the help of professional research companies.

What would be your advice to young people who are interested in a career in advertising? What skills do they need?

The most important thing is to have a curious, investigative mind. To be interested in what is around you. Gen Z people are usually technologically advanced, they already know how to edit video, for example. But open, curious mind is the most important. Specific skills can be learned if you have an open mind.

Interview was made by Hando Sinisalu

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