Oliver Lomp: “The work logic of our company has changed significantly”

WHATS UP? Oliver Lomp from Tabasco – one of the TOP 12 Baltic agencies in 2019 – said that this spring was like a time machine that showed us what future work could look like. According to him, team meetings are still a great way to exchange ideas, but working from home is becoming more and more relevant.
How is Tabasco doing this year?
Like for everyone else, this year has been very unexpected. Our company’s work logic has changed significantly, but thanks to the hard work, we adapted quickly to the new situation and in general, we are doing quite well.
Despite the difficult times, we were able to maintain our staff, which is a victory in itself, because I have heard that many competitors had to let people go.
In a broader sense, the times in the field of marketing are confusing and customers are careful. Fortunately, we have been able to launch several campaigns that have received and continue to receive widespread attention.
We are currently working with projects that have strong potential. Fortunately, Tabasco still has a very friendly relationship with creativity, and we look forward to having a coffee or taking a walk with new customers who want outstanding solutions.
To what extent did the crisis affect you?
I think that the emergency played the role of a time machine that allowed us to look to the future. I believe that working from home is becoming more relevant every year and, ultimately, significantly more effective than today’s logic of guarding one’s desk.
Happy people do the best work. Time is one of the factors that we cannot buy – no matter the amount of money. Therefore, time is invaluable. When we give a person time and freedom, he or she does a better job. Let us say that designer X likes to live in the countryside and therefore spends hours every day just to go to work and get back from work with traffic jams. Now, by allowing designer X to work in the home office, he or she saves two and a half hours every day, which can be spent with family, on hobbies, or whatever else instead of driving. Two and a half hours a day is a very considerable time. For instance, it is 15% of the waking time of a person who sleeps eight hours.
True, it all requires good self-discipline and a reliable team, but Tabasco has it all. This does not mean that everyone at Tabasco will permanently work from home. We still have an office where we talk face-to-face to exchange ideas, hold meetings, and meet clients. Besides, many employees, including myself, like to go to the office.
How do you assess the situation of the sector in general?
I would not rush ahead of events because the crisis may not be over. However, I recommend customers to emphasize quality and choose partners who can offer it. The ideas and campaigns need to have really strong ideas and also cover a slightly broader picture.