Not Perfect Vilnius won the most awards at BalticBest 2022

On Wednesday the international jury awarded the best works at the BalticBest 2022 advertising competition. This year most of the awards went to Lithuania.
A total of 14 gold, 18 silver and 20 bronze medals were awarded. Lithuanian agencies/companies won 24 awards (8 gold, 6 silver, 10 bronze), Estonia won 12, Latvia 8 and Croatia 7 medals, and one gold medal went to Mauritius.
The most successful agency was Not Perfect Vilnius, which was awarded with 11 medals, 5 of them (which all were gold ones) went to the campaign “The most important call – Call Russia”, which was also the most successful campaign this year.
Not Perfect Vilnius’ campaign “The most important call” won Gold in five categories: Innovative Media & Marketing/Use of Technology, Marketing Effectiveness, Corporate & Public Service PR, Non Profit/For Good and Promo & Activation.
Campaign description:
In just 4 weeks Call Russia became one of largest and most impactful civic movements against the war. With very little budget and no pre-existing platform or infrastructure it united volunteers from around the globe to cut through Putin’s information blockades to tell millions of Russians the truth and empower them to stand against the war.
Call Russia assessed from the outset that recruiting callers would rely on massive earned media, as well as active and authentic social media presence, to compensate for its lack of advertising budget and no pre-existing name recognition.
The strategy highlighted Call Russia’s massive scale (more than 40 million phone numbers) and its uniquely in-depth approach. Call Russia is far from an impersonal or automated campaign. It is deeply reliant on human perseverance and connection.
The initiative’s entirely organic Twitter presence reinforced earned media and far exceeded results of massively funded campaigns. Influential figures who shared Call Russia’s moving video anthem and call to action include Richard Branson and former International Space Station commander Scott Kelly.
Call Russia is featured in 800+ top tier articles from CNN, BBC, CBS News, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, RTL News (Germany), and others, reaching an audience of 1.7+ billion.
Call Russia’s most important contribution is the more than 130,000 calls made from more than 130 countries in just four weeks. Nearly half these conversations have been positive, showing significant progress in advancing the one thing Putin fears most – putting the truth in the hands of the Russian people.
Tomas Balžekas ( Concept / 15 min group)
Paulius Senūta (Concept / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Gabrielė Burbienė (Project management / 15 min group)
Vaidotas Valantiejus (Project management / 15 min group)
Evelina Valeckaitė (Project management: advertising and design / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Rokas Eltermanas (Advertising and digital creative / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Marius Lukošius (Advertising and digital creative / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Aliaksei Charniauski (Advertising and digital creative / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Viktorija Senūtienė (Art direction and graphic design / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Lukas Misevičius (Graphic design / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Ilona Livšicaitė (Project management / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Aurelija Pliopytė (UX design / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Andrius Račickis (UX/UI design / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Deividas Kanapickas (Digital advertising design / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Arnoldas Urža (Digital advertising design / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Aurelija Beitaitė (Video editing / Not Perfect Vilnius)
Vladas Litvinas (Video editing / Freelance)
Modestas Kazlauskas (Video editing / Freelance)
Meida Žultauskaitė (Sound engineering / Roof Sound)
Laura Girtaitė-Kilbauskienė (Sound engineering / Garso Generatoriai)
Paulius Kilbauskas (Sound engineering / Garso Generatoriai)
Jonas Venckūnas (Sound engineering / Papagoose)
Viktoras Vaupšas (Sound engineering / Papagoose)
Vytas Rasimavišius (Sound engineering./ Papagoose)
Melissa San Miguel (PR / Red Flag)
Karl Brophy (PR / Red Flag)
Gintarė Kavaliūnaitė (PR / Go Vilnius)
Inga Romanovskienė (PR / Go Vilnius)
Olga Malaškevičienė (PR / Go Vilnius)
Gintarė Vilčiauskaitė (PR / Go Vilnius)
Renata Surovec (PR / Headline)
Indrė Vareikytė (PR / Freelance)
Anton Krasun (Social media / Freelance)
Ieva Barkauskaitė (Social media / Freelance)
Manvydas Saulevičius (Social media / Freelance)
Justinas Jautžemis (Social media / Freelance)
Šarūnas Sakalauskas (Social media / Freelance)
Jurgis Šimelionis (Media planning and buying / Inspired UM)
Dovas Kanapienis (Media planning and buying / Inspired UM)
Agnė Baltrunaitė (Media planning and buying / Inspired UM)
Edgaras Norys (Media planning and buying / Inspired UM)
Vasaris Oržekauskas (Media planning and buying / Inspired UM)
Estonian agency Tabasco’s and the Estonian Society of Hematologists’ campaign “Notice the hemophiliac” and the Croatian agency Imago Ogilvy and Beestro’sFranck tea” campaigns also stood out, which each received two gold and accordingly one and two silver medals.
Croatian agency Imago Ogilvy’s and Beestro’s campaign won Gold in the Integrated Advertising and Direct Marketing Offline categories and Silver in the Promo & Activation and Small but Mighty categories.


Tabasco’s and the Estonian Society of Hematologists’ campaign “Notice the hemophiliac” won Gold in the Print Advertising and Print Outdoor Craft categories and Silver in the Integrated Advertising category.