Nils Kajander, BOND (Estonia): “We had a good momentum going into this situation”

Before Balticbest, we ask from the agency leaders: WHAT’S UP? Nils Kajander from BOND Creative Agency – which has studios in Tallinn, Helsinki, London, Dubai and San Francisco – admitted that despite the crisis, they cannot complain about the lack of work.
“When people ask how the crisis has affected us, I have a bit of a bad feeling. I feel that I should not be saying this, but I have not noticed anything,” admitted Kajander.
“But then the next thought is that, well, I do not really know how good things would have been without this crisis. Nevertheless, we really had a lot of work this spring,” he said.
Kajander said that there are several different reasons what contributed to this. According to him, one thing is their history in Tallinn. BOND opened their studio in the Estonian capital city two and a half years ago and during that time they have already received several local awards. “We had a good momentum going into this situation,” he said.
“Secondly, we were lucky. We just happened to have such good projects in progress. Our customers were not directly affected by the crisis. For example, we did not have projects from the accommodation or restaurant sector,” he explained.
In addition, BOND is mainly focused on branding and brand experience. “In general, the crisis did not have much of an impact on these activities. In fact, the crisis meant that progressive minded customers realized that they needed to pay extra attention to such topics instead of optimizing the media mix for instance,” he said.
“It seems that things that are a challenge or a problem or a crisis for someone, are always a bit like an opportunity for someone else,” said Kajander. “In that sense, I believe that what we do, is needed in the future, too. And maybe even more than before. This spring, TBWA conducted a survey and asked more than 130 customers what is most important for them in terms of future. Number one was brand positioning.”
“Of course, not every customer can invest in big projects in a situation like this, but those customers who are not affected by the crisis on a big scale and have enough resources, tend to pay more attention to their brand story and purpose because these things are important for long-term success,” he concluded.
Balticbest, a marketing and advertising competition for small European countries, is now open for entries! The 7th edition of Balticbest is unlike the previous ones – Balticbest 2020 takes place ONLINE in the format of a LIVE SHOW.