Lithuanian marketers are preparing for the second wave of pandemic

Interview with Mantas Velykis, who is the Executive Creative Director at CLINIC 212 Creative Group.
You just changed your job – from the Creative Director of Truth (McCann Vilnius) to the Executive Creative Director of Clinic 212 Group. Why?
I guess I was looking for new challenges and perspectives… In Clinic 212 Creative Group we have three different agencies in the group. Enter is a digital agency and Great & Golden is a design and branding agency. My role would be to integrate them, to make three engines work in harmony.
It’s also quite different from McCann. In Truth, our clients had big, integrated campaigns. In Clinic 212 it is more scattered, smaller work and our ambition is to grow.
How does the Lithuanian advertsing industry look post-crisis?
In Lithuania, the mood is that the second wave of pandemic is coming and everyone is preparing for that.
The agencies are trying to build more diversified, sustainable portfolio.
Some (smaller) agencies especially suffered during the first wave of pandemic because they relied too much on a small number of big clients.
But in general, agencies use more freelance workforce. They have decided to let some staff go and use more project based teams.
However, bigger agencies already had diversified client portfolios and for example, in McCann we did not have to fire people and we had lots of business during the first wave of pandemic as well.
How do the agencies prepare for the second wave of pandemic?
Agencies are becoming more proactive, they are more actively selling their services. In addition, the clients hire more agencies and diversify their agency portfolio as well.
What I find positive is that the clients have shifted their focus from short-term sales promotions to more value-based branding campaigns.
The overall consumer sentiment has also changed, the consumers care more about the brands and the values that the brands represent.
I can even say that the good old branding is making a comeback!
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