In Croatia, the pandemic has made people more compassionate

WHATS UP? Davor Bruketa from BRUKETA&ŽINIĆ&GREY – a Croatian agency which has won over 450 awards for advertising and design, including a gold award for innovative media usage at Balticbest 2019 – told how this year has changed their business and their country.
How is your business doing after the first wave of pandemic?
Compared to the last year, our company has lost approximately 20% of the revenue. Overall recovery of the economy depends on tourism in Croatia, since it has the biggest impact on our GDP. At the moment, tourism industry is doing okay, the volume is approximately 60% of what we had last year. But it is still better than expected.
Our agency has cut some cost and we had to lay off 10% of the people, unfortunately. But as long as there are products and services, they always need advertising.
However, we see a new stream of revenue for our agency. We are using our creative muscle not just for making ads, but developing new products and services for our clients.
For instance, we have created a new app for the telecom client and new wine for a big winery from Slovenia. The news about the new wine were all over the wine media globally!
Of course, we are not the wine experts, but our ability is to take a fresh look at the situation. We are using different techniques, such as design sprint, design thinking, etc.
Our clients know their industry, we offer a fresh look.
How the pandemic has changed Croatia?
In Croatia, the number of Covid cases is growing again. But very few people end up in hospitals, the symptoms are milder than during the first wave.
People are wearing masks in public areas, this is a dramatic change. Since the idea of wearing a mask is to protect others, I would say that people show more compassion than never before. That is really big change of attitude.
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