I found the future agency model in Zagreb

BalticBest producer Hando Sinisalu travels to small (BalticBest) countries this summer and meets interesting people and visits innovative businesses. The first travel report is from Croatia.
It’s hot in Zagreb – plus 30 degrees today. Many business people have already escaped to the seaside, so I am quite lucky that Mario Fraculj, Director at DIGITAL TALENTS and Head of Economics Department at ALGEBRA University College finds some time for a coffee and chat.
Mario used to work for the most famous Croatian confectionery company Kras for 13 years and now shares his experience with the students of Algebra University.
Algebra University College is the flagship of the largest private educational organization in the Republic of Croatia and the region (Algebra group), present today in more than 20 cities across Croatia. Founded in 1998, they currently have more than 150 full-time employees and more than 600 associated experts and higher educational faculties employed also in the industry.
Algebra University has launched its own digital marketing agency called Digital Talents. I have not heard of any other business school running a marketing agency, so this might as well be the only one in Europe.
Mario Fraculj explains the concept:
“We have chosen the best undergraduate and graduate students of Digital Marketing, at the Algebra University College. Led by experienced mentors, they shape all dimensions of digital presence to help you meet their clients business goals more easily and efficiently.”
Digital Talents currently employs 15 people across different digital disciplines: multimedia, design, programming, marketing, etc.
Do other, “real” agencies fear the competition? “Not at the moment,” says Mario Fraculj. “We
started working with small and medium enterprises. But currently, we also have some big names as our clients: Raiffeisen Bank and Significo Group, for example.”
Disruption of the agency industry
Mario tells me that they are planning to scale. “It can be the biggest agency in the market”, predicts Mr. Faculj. “In the future, it can be the disruption of the whole agency industry. It’s a good platform to connect the best talent with the companies”
But are there any issues with such an agency model? “People come and go, so the turnover of staff is big. Some will stay with the platform and become mentors.
But on the other hand, we will get the talent every year,” explains Mr. Fraculj.
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