Hando Sinisalu’s five favorites from the Epica Awards

The jury of Epica Awards is made-up of editors and senior reporters from more than 200 marketing and communications publications in more than 500 countries around the world. Estonia was represented on the jury by Hando Sinisalu, who is the journalist and head of programme and moderator of Best Marketing events.
Hando Sinisalu
“I have been on the Epica jury for 15 years and have viewed and analyzed the best ads in the world. For the last two years, the jury’s work has been online due to COVID, but in some ways it is more convenient to watch the work at its own pace,” said Sinisalu.
Memac Ogilvy Dubai
Al Futtaim IKEA, IKEA, “Buy With Your Time”

This work is a good combination of using data in advertising, linking sales and advertising, and turning brand weakness into strength. IKEA stores are located in middle if nowhere, but every minute it takes to get there gives the customer a discount.
Kreativna Dvojica (Kreativna Dvojica)
Orthodontics Klostermann, Invisible Braces, “Bad Luck Brian promotes invisible braces”

Skillfully linking PR work to advertising – let yourself be fooled in vain at the forums and then reveal the truth. Undoubtedly requires courage and a strong nervous system!
Wunderman Thompson Peru
Scotiabank, Payroll Account, Bank on Equality

A great example of how a brand can solve a socially important problem in both communication and actions and thus attract attention. It takes courage, because Estonian brands usually do not dare to build marketing campaigns on controversial topics in society.

A good example of how to intelligently joke about competitors! Timeless solution.
FP7 McCann Dubai, Mastercard Astronomical Sales

The Mastercard logo resembles an eclipse (Shadow of the Moon on the Sun). If nature creates a brand logo in the sky and everyone talks about this unique event, it can be turned to their advantage and the general heightened attention can be advertised for their product. A great idea and implementation that can only be repeated once or in a few centuries.