DDB Latvia won Baltic Agency Ranking of 2019

The winner of Baltic Agency Ranking is DDB Latvia. Estonian agency Optimist was the second and Lithuanian agency Not Perfect Vilnius was the third.

In previous years, the winners of Baltic Agency Ranking have been DDB Latvia (2018), MILK (2017, 2016, 2015) and Not Perfect Vilnius (2014).

In total, DDB Latvia won 15 awards at Balticbest (2 gold, 6 silver and 7 bronze awards).

TOP 5 Baltic agencies in 2019:

1. DDB Latvia (Latvia)

2. Optimist (Estonia)

3. Not Perfect Lithuania (Lithuania)

4. Deep White (Latvia)

5. Tank (Estonia)

Baltic Agency Ranking was announced at the Balticbest creativity festival, which took place on August 30 at Kärbes Kitchen & Bar in Tallinn. Balticbest was organized by Best Marketing / Äripäev for the sixth time.

Ranking takes into account prizes that have been won in local, regional and global competitions. The result of the last competition will be taken into account.