Estonian agency Tabasco received the most awards at the BalticBest 2023 competition

Yesterday on August 23rd, the international jury awarded the best of the advertising competition BalticBest 2023. The most awards, including the most golds, went to Lithuania. Among the agencies, Estonian agency Tabasco picked up the most medals. A total of 7 gold, 13 silver and 20 bronze medals were awarded. 17 medals went to Lithuania, […]

The winners of the BalticBest 2022 advertising competition have been announced

The works of the global advertising competition BalticBest 2022 for small countries were evaluated live today by an international jury and the best works were awarded. Check out who are the winners of this year’s competition. Content marketing, branded content & branded entertainment Everything for you – Magic – Circle K – BRONZE Tele2 Brain […]

In the BalticBest 2021 Estonian agency Optimist won the most awards

Yesterday, an international jury awarded the best of the best in the BalticBest 2021 advertising competition. Most awards came to Estonia and Latvia, and social campaigns on acute topics won the most titles. A total of 20 gold, 19 silver and 19 bronze medals were awarded. Estonian agencies picked up 20 awards, Latvia 19, Lithuania […]

The winners of the BalticBest 2021 competition have been announced

Today, the BalticBest 2021 works were judged live by the international jury and the best were awarded with titles. See who are the winners of this year’s competition. DESIGN & CRAFT GRAPHIC DESIGN Heritas. Cultural heritage festival. – Heritas – FOLK – BRONZE YOU FOUND IT! – SIA H.A.Brieger / Dzintars – McCANN Riga, Overpriced […]

Balticbest 2020 winners & link to a first time ever live voting session

For the first time in the history of Balticbest, the jury commented on and evaluated the works on the shortlist during an online live broadcast. A total of 37 prizes were awarded in the competition, 13 of them gold. The winners of the marketing and creativity festival Balticbest 2020 were announced on August 26 via […]

First winners of Balticbest 2020 announced

The marketing and creative competition Balticbest 2020 is being broadcasted online in Tallinn, and the first winners have just been announced. Read also: Second session of Balticbest 2020 online broadcast has just ended, winners announced and Third judging session is over, all the winners of Balticbest 2020 now announced See all the Balticbest 2020 winners […]

Balticbest 2019 awards announced

The winners of the Balticbest 2019 creativity festival were announced in Tallinn today. This year, the Balticbest jury awarded 73 awards, including 14 gold, 17 silver and 42 bronze awards. The gold winners are: Title: Signato – the freedom typeface Kategooria: Graphic Design Agentuur: FOLK Klient: FOLK Title: When the Stakes are High Category: TV […]

BalticBest 2018 winners. Grand Prix Awards to Estonia and Croatia

The winners of Balticbest Awards were announced at Balticbest Gala on August 31 in Tallinn Film Museum, Estonia. This year jury decided to give out 2 Grand prix’s, one to Tank agency from Estonia for the Enterprise Estonia’s campaign „Work in Estonia“, the other to Imago Ogilvy from Croatia for the Jana Water’s campaign „Feather […]