BalticBest 2024 jury member: communications people are braver than marketing people

Balticbest jury member Linas Migonis from Fabula Rud Pedersen had a chat with Hando Sinisalu.

Fabula has a quite unique business concept—you offer both PR and creative advertising under the same agency brand. How did you manage to achieve that?

About 10 years ago, there was a trend, a boom—many agencies tried to integrate creative advertising and communications. I would say most of the big agencies tried to do that. But none of them were committed enough. It does not work if you hire 1-2 communication specialists to your ad agency. Fabula did the opposite: they established a creative department within the communications agency. We were really committed to this, but it was not easy in the beginning. However, we persisted and finally succeeded in building a truly integrated communications agency.

What is the share between creative advertising work and traditional PR/comms work in your agency?

It is hard to differentiate, but if you ask, I would say that traditional communications take a bigger part. My wild guess is that we get 60% PR work and 40% advertising work, probably.

But at the same time, 80% of the campaigns we work on are integrated. Sometimes the clients have their own ad agency, but we execute some creative projects in addition to some communications projects.

In case of integrated campaigns, who is your contact in the client organization? They often have marketing and communications functions in different silos.

Communications managers are usually more open-minded. Marketing people have a very narrow view; they focus on small tactical campaigns and want to measure everything! Communications people are more open to creative solutions, they have a broader view. In the case of branding campaigns, the client usually comes from the communications department. Marketing people are more performance-oriented.

Unfortunately, marketing people are becoming less and less brave since they have to measure and count every cent! For me as a creative person, it’s painful to see that.

How is the general business climate in Lithuania?

Last year, the communications agencies were growing; we grew more than 24%. The overall economic situation is not very depressed. This year we are also doing okay. Spring has been very active, and we are growing even more than last year. The public sector is very active because of the coming elections.

What are the main marketing trends in Lithuania in 2024?

The scene is quite calm and uninteresting. Not many advertising works capture attention. I would say that the most interesting campaigns come from the public sector, such as social campaigns.

I do not know if you can call it a trend, but everybody is increasingly trying to attract young people, Gen Z.

What are the developments in the job market for the agencies?

The biggest challenge is that all creatives want to freelance. They want to choose projects, clients, when to work, and with whom to work. Many young talents are preferring tech startups.

We have adapted to this trend; we also work with many freelancers and have hybrid work models.


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