BalticBest 2024 jury member: clients expect high quality with lower budget

Jānis Kuprašovs, a Creative Director at WKND agency in Riga and a member of the BalticBest 2024 jury, discussed the main challenges in agency work today with Hando Sinisalu.


AI is a big hype in the advertising world. How much do you use AI in your daily work?

We are using it a lot, especially the designers – to develop sketches, for example. I personally use ChatGPT to get ideas and Visual AI tools for storyboards and visual ideas. I am quite satisfied with it. But there is a downside too. Sometimes we receive AI-generated pictures from clients and they ask us to use them in advertising. Often, such pictures are really strange. Recently, I saw one picture where the car was about 2 times smaller, and the perspective was totally wrong. We need to educate such clients.

Do you think that clients will create ads with the help of AI in the future and skip the agencies?

I can’t see the threat yet. AI cannot replace a person with a good sense of art or humor. AI is a tool, but not a replacement for a creative person.

The economy in Latvia is not doing well; do you see the effects in your business?

In short: budgets are tight, but expectations are high. Last year, inflation in Latvia was 20%, but the marketing budgets of our clients are still at the same level. All costs have increased, but they expect us to deliver high-quality service with lower budgets.

How is that possible?

We have to be creative! For example, shooting films in the studio instead of multiple locations. We use AI for parts of photoshoots, like the background. We can manage! The outlook for the rest of the year is not very optimistic. I predict that clients will be very cautious with their ad budgets.

How is the job market, do people still want to work in advertising?

In our agency, we have a very loyal staff. Even though we cannot constantly increase salaries, we offer other benefits – an educational budget, flexible hours, remote work, a shorter workday on Friday, and more. Such benefits help us retain talent.

When I started working, the image of an ad agency was rock ‘n’ roll. It was more of a lifestyle. But these days, young people view it as just a job. They don’t find advertising as attractive as they used to. I don’t see many new faces or young people at advertising events, conferences, or parties.

We also work with freelancers: we have a part-time creative director and designers.

Any major changes in the Latvian advertising industry?

There are 4-5 big agencies in the market, and it has been stable for the past 4-5 years. We haven’t seen any new entries into the market. Before COVID, there was a boom, with maybe 3-4 new agencies entering the market every year, but not anymore.


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