BalticBest 2023 jury member: last-minute stress boosts creativity

Interview with Sandro Tsitskishvili, BalticBest jury member from Georgia.

What is it like to be a freelancer?

I have worked with almost all the brands in Georgia during my career, and I have been employed by several agencies. However, I became too tired, and my work-life balance was a mess. So I decided to start freelancing. I am still very busy, sometimes working seven days a week, but I can work whenever and wherever I want! I still work with many agencies and clients, but on my own time and terms. That’s a big difference.

How hard is it to find work? You still need an income to pay your bills.

Georgia is a small market, and the clients know me. Agencies invite me to their teams, so there is no problem finding work. However, before becoming a freelancer, you first need to build a reputation and connections. You have to prove that you are able to work consistently. Everybody can have a creative spark every now and then, but professionals need to come up with fresh ideas every day.

How is that possible? Can you offer some tips?

Of course! It’s a neurological insight into how the brain works. You need to create good stress for the brain. For example, a close deadline creates stress and boosts your creativity. So procrastination is not necessarily a bad thing.

Many Russians have emigrated to Georgia during the war. How does that influence the creative industries? I assume there are many Russian creatives in Tbilisi now.

There are indeed many Russians in Georgia now, which is quite significant for a small country. However, we do not collaborate with them. Like everywhere, Russian emigrants create their own communities and do not mix with the locals. The Russian creatives in Tbilisi mainly work for the Russian market, and we do not have much collaboration with them.

Life in Tbilisi has become very expensive because of the Russian immigration, especially in housing. Tbilisi is now as expensive as New York.

Interview was conducted by Hando Sinisalu.


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