BalticBest 2023 jury member: advertising still has a difficult relationship with the use of humour

An interview with Ugnius Mikšta, Creative Teams Lead, TRUTH (Lithuania).

What is the biggest challenge in your work today, what keeps you up at night?

The majority of people still consider advertising to be annoying, which means we as an industry still fail to do a good job more times than not. So how do we change that or how do we make this change faster?

How do you generate creative ideas? Please share a tip.

I would suggest always spending some time thinking away from the screen. It doesn’t necessarily mean staring at the wall. Going for a walk, flipping through some magazines or just drawing doodles is also a way to think. I feel that it pushes you to get inspired by more unusual things which can also lead to a more original idea.

Please recommend a book, website or podcast about marketing/advertising/creativity.

I would suggest everyone working in advertising or marketing to go and subscribe to Paddy Gilmore’s newsletter about brands and humour – I think advertising still has a difficult relationship with the use of humour. Some clients are scared to use it, and some try too hard, but a good sense of humour is still a rare thing to come by in advertising, especially here locally. Paddy talks about many questions, fears and techniques surrounding the topic while also sharing both modern and really classic examples.

Interview was conducted by Hando Sinisalu.


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BalticBest 2023

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Submission deadline: 09.08.2023

Shortlist published: 18.08.2023

Live judging and awards announced: 23.08.2023