Balticbest 2020 winners & link to a first time ever live voting session

For the first time in the history of Balticbest, the jury commented on and evaluated the works on the shortlist during an online live broadcast. A total of 37 prizes were awarded in the competition, 13 of them gold.

The winners of the marketing and creativity festival Balticbest 2020 were announced on August 26 via online live broadcast. During the broadcast, the entrants were able to listen and see how the jury commented on and evaluated the works of both themselves and their competitors. The jury gave real-time feedback to all the shortlisted works. The live broadcast consisted of three judging sessions and the winners were announced at the end of each session.


“Balticbest took place in a new way this time. First, the agencies received real-time feedback on their work – usually the jury does not give feedback. I have participated in quite a lot of juries myself and this time the old familiar problem was confirmed – the jury does not understand the submitted work well, they are not formulated clearly enough. Hopefully, this problem now clearly came to the attention of the agencies when they saw how the jury struggles in understanding the work,” commented Balticbest’s producer Hando Sinisalu.

First Session:

Second session:

Third session:

Sinisalu added: “Secondly, all kinds of conspiracy theories about collusion and gossip are always sent to advertising competitions. This time, all participants were able to make sure that the evaluation was fair and there was no cheating.”

Balticbest took place for the 7th time. The live show was broadcast from Topauto showroom in Tallinn with the help of Babahh Media.

Latvian agencies victorious

In total, the Balticbest jury awarded 37 prizes this year, 13 of them gold, 11 silver and 13 bronze. Latvian agencies received the most awards. Nord DDB Riga took home the most prizes from the competition, but Publicis Riga won the most gold awards.

As usual, all Balticbest golds will be sent by Best Marketing to the Epica Awards free of charge.

A total of 164 works were submitted to the Balticbest competition this year, of which 75 reached the finals. The most works were submitted in the graphic design category and the highest number of entries were from Lithuania. In addition, works were submitted from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia and Latvia.

Traditionally, the Baltic Agency Ranking is announced after Balticbest. It will be published on September 1, 2020.

Many thanks to Balticbest 2020 sponsors and partners Topauto, Babahh Media and KNM Eesti.