Balticbest 2020: meet the jury

Balticbest 2020 has three different juries, five members in each. But who are these 15 people, who have an outstanding professional experience in the field and will be responsible for choosing the best from the submitted works?
Balticbest, a marketing and advertising competition for small European countries, is now open for entries! The 7th edition of Balticbest is unlike the previous ones – Balticbest 2020 takes place online in the format of a live show.
Submission deadline: 12 August 2020
Shortlist published: 21.08.2020
Awards announced: 26.08.2020
1. Paulius Senuta, CEO at Not Perfect Companies, Lithuania
2. Joel Volkov, Creative Director, Tank, Estonia
3. Arturs Mednis, CEO at New Black, Latvia
4. Asja Dupanovic, Asja Dupanović, Editor of Creative Portfolio, Media Marketing, Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. Bjorn Jonsson, Creative Director and Partner at Pipar\TBWA, Iceland
6. Hrvoje Maljak, Head of Marketing and Communication at Croatian Radio & TV, Croatia
7. Anoorupa Bose, Creative Director at Optimist Creative, Estonia
8. Mark Tungate, Editorial Director of the EPICA Awards, France
9. Elise Bikova, Head of Marketing at Delfi Latvia
10. Aivaras Sickus, Co-Founder and Manager at Atomic Garden, Lithuania
11. Simona Kruhar Gaberšček, Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Magazin, Slovenia
12. Rezo Shelia, Creative Director at Redberry, Georgia
13. Liis Tippel, Chief Executive Officer at Estonian Marketing Association, Estonia
14. Antonio Bechtle, Creative Director and partner at Bechtle & Milzarajs, Lithuania
15. A jury member from Latvia, not yet confirmed