Baltic Agency Ranking 2023 is announced

Baltic Agency of the Year 2023 is Estonian agency Tabasco, who reached the position for the first time of the history of Baltic Agency Ranking.

Karl Multer, the Managing Director of agency Tabasco

Best Marketing has published the Baltic Agency Ranking since 2014, this year will be the 10th anniversary of the ranking table. The ranking indicates the creative excellence of advertising/communications/design agencies and is based on award wins from different competitions.

During the history of the ranking, Not Perfect Vilnius has won the title 3 times, Milk (Lithuania) also 3 times, Magic (DDB Latvia), 2 times, and Optimist and Tabasco (Estonia) once.

For 2023, the new rules apply. In order to make the process fully transparent, the organizers will hereby publish the exact methodology. The results for 2023 will be announced at the end of December 2023. See the rules HERE.

The ranking in 2023 is following:

1. Tabasco – the best in Baltics and Estonia

2. McCann Riga – the best in Latvia

3. Magic (LAT)

4. Fabula Rud Pedersen – the best in Lithuania

5.-6. Not Perfect Vilnius (LIT)

5.-6. Deep White (LAT)

7. Truth (LIT)

8. Not Perfect Tallinn (EST)

9. Optimist (EST)

10. Neway (EST)

Tabasco founder and board member Indrek Viiderfeld said that today they can already be called a big agency. “Currently there are 15 people in the Tabasco team, two years ago there were five or six of us,” he said and added that they never dreamed of being the biggest or the best agency. He emphasized that team size doesn’t really play a big role in success.

Tabasco CEO Karl Multer added that they are moving at the pace and in the direction the agency’s client base is moving. “We keep our finger on the pulse of developments in the economy and the advertising market,” he noted and added that they do their work seriously and with dedication and rock it.

When asked how important it is to belong to global chains of advertising agencies, Magic’s CEO and partner Andris Rubins answered that Magic’s decision to leave the chain (DDB – ed.) and become an independent agency was actually quite a difficult decision. “We asked ourselves why it is important to be part of a large chain, which actually pays the agency quite a lot every year and through which projects do not come in, but at the same time it is quite convenient to be part of the chain,” he explained and added that of course, as an independent agency, they have more responsibility, but at the same time the feeling is better because it is their own shop and they are free to export Baltic creativity to other markets.

Ronalds Puhovs from the agency McCann Riga said that being in the chain has rather benefited them. “We do a lot of cooperation and joint projects with other agencies in the chain,” he said.

SAVE THE DATE! The grande finale of the Baltic advertising competition BalticBest 2024 will take place on August 28. We will publish further information in the spring. Stay tuned!