Baltic Agency Ranking 2020 announced

Baltic Agency of the Year is the Lithuanian agency Not Perfect Vilnius, who won the Baltic Agency Ranking in 2014 as well.

Paulius Senuta, CEO at Not Perfect Vilnius

Estonian agency Optimist was the second and Latvian agency Nord DDB (that won the title in previous two years) was the third. In total, there were four Latvian agencies, three Lithuanian agencies and three Estonian agencies among the TOP 10.

Baltic Agency Ranking takes into account the awards that have been won in local, regional and global competitions, including Balticbest awards.

The calculation of points:

The bronze award of a local festival equals 1 point, the silver award 2 points and the gold award 3 points. In the case of a Baltic festival, the corresponding points were multiplied by two, in the case of a European festival by three and in the case of a global festival by four.


1. Not Perfect Vilnius (Lithuania)

2. Optimist (Estonia)

3. Nord DDB (Latvia)

4. McCann Riga (Latvia)

5. Not Perfect Tallinn (Estonia)

6. TRUTH (Lithuania)

7. Not Perfect Riga (Latvia)

8. Publicis Riga (Latvia)

9. Velvet (Estonia)

10. Bechtle + Milzarajs (Lithuania)

Baltic Agency Ranking is traditionally announced within the framework of the marketing and creative festival Balticbest. The election of the Baltic Agency of the Year is organized by Best Marketing and took place for the 7th time.