Baltic Agency of the year 2017 is MILK

The title „Baltic Agency of the Year“ went to Lithuania for the the 4th year in a row and to MILK Agency for the 3rd year in a row!

TOP 8 Baltic agencies in 2017 are:

MILK ( Lithuania)

Velvet ( №1 agency in Estonia)

MM&A | Hill + Knowlton Strategies ( №1 agency in Latvia)

Adell Taivas Ogilvy ( Lithuania)

New Black ( Latvia)

Deep White ( Latvia)

Kuukulgur (Estonia)

Optimist (Estonia)

The Baltic Agency of the Year title was awarded in Tallinn, Estonia at Balticbest 2017 Festival of Creativity on August 30, 2017.

The title is based on the number of awards won in local and international festivals. In 2016 and 2015, the winner was also MILK, in 2014 the winner was Not Perfect Y&R Vilnius.

The points are calculated in a following way:

Local festival Gold = 1 p

Local festival Grand Prix = 2 p

Regional festival Bronze = 1 p

Regional festival Silver = 2 p

Regional festival Gold = 3 p

Regional festival GP = 4 pGlobal festival Bronze = 3 p

Global festival Silver = 4 p

Global festival Gold = 5 p

Global festival GP = 6 p

Balticbest festival of creativity is organized by Best Marketing (Äripäev AS).