All info about BalticBest 2021 in one place

All shortlisted works will be reviewed live by the jury and the winners will be announced right before the end of each session.
Since the judging session will be broadcasted live online, it means that unlike in most creative festivals, the entrants will get feedback from the jury.
Jury will vote live and the winners will be announced instantly – right at the end of each category voting.
The aim of the Balticbest marketing and advertising competition is to recognize outstanding creativity. Entries will be judged by an international jury, who will take into account the originality and quality of the creative ideas.
This year, BalticBest is using AdForum platform for entries and judging.
Please submit your work HERE.
In case of the questions or problems, please contact [email protected] or 00372 502 8561.
Submission deadline: 16.08.2021
Shortlist published: 21.08.2021
Awards announced: 25.08.2021
What are the conditions for entering the competition?
Entries submitted for the competition must be approved by the advertiser. All the submitted works must be used, published or broadcasted between 1 July 2020 and 31 July 2021. Ineligible works will be disqualified.
Entries that are not in English should be translated or accompanied by a full translation. It will be in your own interest to explain or translate any specific word play or local, social, cultural or political references and nuances.
Print and Outdoor entries must be uploaded as high-resolution jpegs (300dpi/~240mm on longest side). Film entries must be uploaded as mp4 or mov files
All non-traditional media entries in the Direct, Media, Branded Content, PR, Promo & Activation and Design groups must be accompanied by a PDF case study or a case film. PDF case study illustrates or explains the creative idea. Case films must be added as links and may not exceed 3 minutes. The organisers cannot guarantee to present video material that does not meet these requirements.
All entrants authorise the organisers and other third-party companies to copy, scan, digitalise and otherwise duplicate their entries in whatever form and to use such material for exhibitions, screenings, publications, broadcasts, DVDs and on the Internet in order to promote the Balticbest awards and to propagate the results of the competition. Under no circumstances shall the organisers, or their authorised representatives, be held responsible for the payment of royalties or other charges in connection with the aforementioned activities. Each entrant agrees to not hold the organisers, and/or their authorised representatives, liable against any claims concerning the material in this respect.
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Entry form / case study: You should upload your materials in PDF format. Entry form may be maximum 1000 characters long.
Images: Max: 6 images. NB! In print, print & poster craft and outdoor categories only 1 image per entry is allowed. If you wish to submit a series, you should upload and pay for the entries separately. One digital image of each entry strictly in the following format: JPG, 300 dpi.
Case films, videos, films, radio ads: Max. duration: 3 minutes. Film entries must be uploaded as mp4 or mov files.
Why should you participate?
All shortlisted works will be reviewed by the jury during the live broadcast, which takes place online. It means that unlike in most creative festivals, the entrants will get feedback from the jury. Jury will also vote live and the winners will be announced instantly – right at the end of each category voting.
All Balticbest 2021 gold medals and Grand Prix will be sent free of charge by the festival organizer Best Marketing to the international creativity festival EPICA.
In addition, Baltic Agency Ranking 2021 will be announced within the framework of the competition. Baltic Agency Ranking takes into account the prizes that have been won in local, regional and global competitions, including Balticbest prizes.
How much does it cost to participate?
The cost of submitting one entry per category is 125 € (VAT will be added where applicable). There are 21 different categories in the competition and the same entry can be submitted in several different categories.
NB! Since all Gold and Grand Prix winning entries will be submitted to EPICA festival free of charge, the winners will be able to enter two festivals for the price of one!
The legal entity to organize Balticbest is:
Äripäev AS (Reg. nr: 10145981)
Vana Lõuna 39/1, 19094 Tallinn, Estonia
KMKR/VAT#: EE100069349
Who can participate?
The competition is open to advertising and marketing agencies, their clients, media agencies, filmmakers, photographers, design studios, and individuals from small European countries with a population of under 5 million people.
The reason is simple – we have to compare what is comparable. Small countries face similar challenges: limited budgets, small teams, and high price sensitivity. We are convinced that, despite the limited resources, there are BIG ideas in small countries:
• Albania
• Andorra
• Armenia
• Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Croatia
• Cyprus
• Estonia
• Georgia
• Iceland
• Ireland
• Kosovo
• Latvia
• Liechtenstein
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• North Macedonia
• Malta
• Moldova
• Montenegro
• Slovenia
• Botswana
• Eswatini
• Jamaica
• Mauritius
• Namibia
• Suriname
The categories are the following:
Balticbest has 22 different entry sections which represent the broad scope of communications:
• GRAPHIC DESIGN: design craft that has been used as an aid in communication and experience to inform brand ethos and product messages.
• PACKAGE DESIGN: Packaging used to promote, sell or display items.
• WEB DESIGN: the execution of design to aid the function and use of the digital product. Including websites, online publications, microsites etc
• FILM CRAFT: Films where the narrative has been enhanced by the artful management of the cinematography, visual components, editing, sound, animation etc
• PRINT/OUTDOOR CRAFT: print or outdoor advertising where craft that has been used as an aid in communication and experience to inform brand ethos and product messages.
• TV ADVERTISING: Films designed and aired on TV or in cinemas
• ONLINE VIDEO & FILM: Films created with the primary intention of being shared and/or user-distributed online.
• PRINT ADVERTISING: Work that uses print media innovatively, exhibits ingenuity and outstanding craftsmanship in published media
• OUTDOOR/AMBIENT ADVERTISING: work that uses public spaces to telegraph a message or immerse consumers in a brand experience. Free-format outdoor advertising that leverages the use of public spaces, objects, and environments in an unconventional manner.
• ONLINE/BANNER ADVERTISING: work which is enhanced and amplified by strategical use of online platforms.
• INTEGRATED ADVERTISING: campaigns using at least three different media for a synergistic effect.
• DIRECT MARKETING OFFLINE: work applicating customer relationships, directly targeting a specific audience with a call-to-action that produced measurable and meaningful results.
• SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING (DIRECT MARKETING ONLINE): Creative way of using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, email and/or other social media platforms for increasing conversions/sales.
• PROMO AND ACTIVATION: Brand activation and CRM programs, loyalty schemes, special offers, competitions, in-store activities, merchandising, tie-ins, etc designed for immediate results or to reinforce long-term customer relationships. Installations or campaigns allowing consumers to engage directly with the brand, physical brand spaces such as exhibitions, museums, and pop-up stores, in-store displays and merchandising, operations targeting consumers at the point of sale.
• CORPORATE AND PUBLIC SERVICE PR: Sponsorship, PR campaigns, and other activities designed to achieve specific objectives in the media on an unpaid basis.
• CONTENT MARKETING, BRANDED CONTENT AND BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT: How content marketing (blogs/podcasts/films/games/social media posts, etc) led to increased brand affinity and commercial success.
• EVENTS: events, parties, festivals, stunts, etc to build the value and reputation of a brand or communication project.
• INNOVATIVE MEDIA & MARKETING/USE OF TECHNOLOGY: The use of creative technology to increase brand affinity and commercial success (objects or devices invented exclusively for a brand or a campaign, including vending machines, wearable technology, interactive installations etc). The execution/campaign that is enhanced or driven by the creative use, interpretation, analysis or application of data. Media innovation in traditional media (advertising and media planning that uses conventional media, including digital, in an original way). Media innovation in alternative media (advertising and media planning that invents a new medium to carry its message; ambient, stunts, guerrilla marketing, installations etc).
• MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS: creative work that drove tangible business results and demonstrates hard results over the long term
• MEDIA PLANNING EFFECTIVENESS: media planning work that drove tangible business results and demonstrates hard results.
• B2B MARKETING: Legal, financial, B2B technology, consultancies & professional services, other business services, internal & corporate comms.
• MARKETING AT THE TIME OF PANDEMIC: Special category – how marketers have responded to the changing consumer behavior?
Special media-neutral award for the agencies of small countries from all over the World (with a population under 1 Million). Design, TV, Print, Digital, Social Media, etc – all can be entered in this special category.
Grand Prix will be awarded in this category and the winner will go to EPICA for free!
Three works can be entered for the price of 100 Euros.