Advertising needs to advertise itself

Interview with Zanete Eglite, Managing Director of the Latvian Art Directors Club (LADC)

How competitive is Latvian advertising creativity on the global scene?

Latvian creatives won 7 awards last time in the ADC Europe competition, this is more than ever. International judges have told us that Latvian humor is very special.

Our industry needs to build more confidence to big competitive worldwide. I am sure that our new generation of creatives will win the Lions and other big prizes in the near future for sure!

What is the biggest challenge for the Latvian advertising industry?

The biggest challenge is young blood – how to attract young talent. Advertising is not sexy anymore, startups are more attractive.

Another issue is job security – marketing expenditure is the first to be cut during the economic downturn.

I think the advertising industry needs to advertise itself more to make it attractive to young talent.

LADC organizes Adwards, what makes it important?

Adwards is the biggest creative competition in Latvia after Golden Hammer closed down, running for the 17th year already. Apart from Adwards, there are also Latvian Design Awards. These two are the only creative awards in the market.

Last year Adwards received 308 works.

What makes us unique is that we allow independent designers and freelancers to submit two works for free.

This year we will introduce a new category: space and experience design.

There are two main marketing/advertising industry organizations in Latvia: LRA (Latvian Advertising Association) and LADC. What is the difference?

We do cooperate, not compete. LRA is focused more on industry lobby, legislation and media issues.

LADC is focused on the creative side of marketing, educating young professionals.

In addition to LADC and LRA, there is also a PR association and a marketing professionals association in Latvia.

Interview was made by Hando Sinisalu


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