Advertising industry needs enthusiastic people with multiple skills

WHAT’S UP? Andris Rubins, Managing Partner at Nord DDB Riga, gave his advice to people who would like to work in the field of advertising.
What is the current status of Latvian ad industry?
The pandemic has been a really good test for the advertising industry. It has tested our flexibility, ability to adapt quickly. Our team had to work remotely and the clients were constantly changing their projects – for some agencies it has been difficult to react quickly.
Those agencies who survive, will become stronger after this test.
So far, I have not heard that any agency has gone out of business, but there have been some staff cuts. Event and promotion agencies have suffered more than traditional ad agencies.
Nord DDB Riga has run through the storm successfully, the turnover decrease is minimal. We refocused on such clients who were more active. Difficult times have boosted the creativity, we had to think more outside the traditional brief and offer our ideas to the clients.
Interestingly enough, the hiring in our industry has re-started. Many clients are active again and recently, I have seen quite a few job ads for creative people. This is a very promising trend.
What advice would you give to a young person who wants to work in advertising. What skills are needed?
We are looking for people who are more universal. For example – who can create ideas and edit video. We as a business have to be flexible and agile and we need people who can do many things, that makes the team more flexible.
We are also looking for people who are enthusiastic, energetic and adding good spirit in difficult times. And the sense of humor is important!
Submission deadline: 17.08.2020
Shortlist published: 21.08.2020
Awards announced: 26.08.2020