About BalticBest Competition

BALTICBEST 2023 in partnership with EPICA 

Balticbest 2023 takes place online in the format of a live show on August 23rd.

All shortlisted works will be reviewed LIVE by the jury and the winners will be announced right before the end of each session.

Since the judging session will be broadcasted live online, it means that unlike in most creative festivals, the entrants will get feedback from the jury.

Jury will vote live and the winners will be announced instantly – right at the end of each category voting.


Submission deadline: 09.08.2023
Shortlist published: 21.08.2023
Live judging and awards announced: 23.08.2023


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    Mark Tungate
    Mark TungateEditorial Director of EPICA Awards (France)
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    Alvar Lonks
    Alvar LonksCreative Director of Tabasco (Estonia)
    Read More
    Adam Reuterskjöld
    Adam ReuterskjöldPartner and Senior Copywriter at Akestam Holst (Sweden)
    Read More
    Juuso Helander
    Juuso HelanderCreative Director at Nitro (Finland)
    Read More
    Rokas Eltermanas
    Rokas EltermanasExecutive Creative Director of Not Perfect Vilnius (Lithuania)
    Read More
    Anti Jürgenstein
    Anti JürgensteinCreative Director of Optimist (Estonia)
    Read More
    Rasa Misiūnaitė
    Rasa Misiūnaitė Head of Strategy of Milk (Lithuania)
    Read More
    Reinis Traidas
    Reinis Traidas Creative Director & Head of Content of Magic Agency (Latvia)
    Read More
    Dina Dretvić
    Dina DretvićStrategic Planning Director of Imago Ogilvy (Croatia)
    Read More
    Ugnius Mikšta
    Ugnius MikštaCreative Teams Lead, TRUTH (Lithuania)
    Read More
    Sandro Tsitskishvili
    Sandro TsitskishviliSenior Art Director, Freelancer (Georgia)
    Read More
    Nils Kajander
    Nils KajanderPartner and Managing Director, BOND (Estonia)
    Read More
    Prof. Inguna Elere
    Prof. Inguna ElereCreative Lead & Partner @H2E (Latvia)
    Read More

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