Scott Dodson - Chief Growth Officer at Lingvist (USA/Estonia)

Scott Dodson is the Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Lingvist. Previously he was Business Owner for Virgin Poker, Head of Poker Marketing, and CPO at Gamesys (London). Before moving to London from Seattle, he held positions as a Professor of Game Design at Digipen; COO/Founder of Bobber Interactive; and CEO/founder of Divide By Zero Games; Tenacious Games; and Flying Rhino Studios. His consulting firm is Motivational Design. Scott has launched successful products in more than twenty countries and nearly as many platforms. These have included: The Spoils, Virgin Poker, Tropicana Casino, and Lingvist’s iOS & Android Apps. He is passionate about building engaging experiences with strong market differentiation. Since joining in August 2015, Lingvist has grown from 80K to 850K users, learning over a million words per day.

Scott is a mentor for top incubators including Microsoft Ventures, Techstars, and Emerge Education, and has served as an advisor or director for a number of early stage companies. He spends most of his time between Tallinn (Lingivst’s home office) and London where the product, design, and data teams are based.
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