Dana Erciņa-Užāne - Marketing Director, Orkla Foods Latvija (Latvia)

Dana Erciņa-Užāne is a marketing specialist who believes: “The product comes first!” Dana is the head of the Department of Marketing and Development of New Products at Orkla Foods Latvia. She is responsible not only for marketing but also for the creation and development of new products and innovations. This is a never- ending process towards success – to elaborate from the finest nuances to delicious-looking packages in your shopping basket.

Dana has worked for Orkla Foods Latvia since 1998 and, therefore, she is the one who is responsible for all the success Spilva gained and experienced since then. For several years now Dana has been taking good care of such brands as Gutta, Everest and Latplanta by helping them to become fresher, stronger and more popular among buyers.
Henri Lindal
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