Ada Jonušė - CEO of, Marketing Director at a.lot parking and PM Screen US (Lithuania)

Ada Jonuse is entrepreneur, IT education maniac and women empowerment agent. After leaving national and European politics, Ada jump-started a career in the startup world by co-founding a platform to find best fitness coaches and joining two Lithuanian tech companies in their efforts to conquer the US market. In her daily work, Ada covers topics ranging from health and sports to parking technology and holograms, and deals with B2B marketing challenges in very small organisations. Previously, as a Head of Office of Antanas Guoga (Member of the European Parliament) Ada started the biggest ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltics #SWITCH! and her current mission is to provide every Lithuanian fifth-grader with a micro controller with the project “Micro:bit for every Lithuanian kid!”.
Dana Erciņa-Užāne
Tomas Markauskas