Volvo Trucks: Create content that is interesting for more people than your target group

„Be 100% relevant for your target group and at the samet ime entertaining for a wider group. Remeber to ask yourself - is this driving progress? If not, it is not worth doing it. If you want to drive progress, be the first one out there,“ said Ingela Nordenhav, Director of Global Marketing and Communications, Volvo Trucks (Sweden) at Balticbest 2016 conference in Jurmala on August 23, 2016..

„Try to be in the news, not in the commercial break,“ was another great advice from Ingela.

How to become viral like "Epic Split"? "It is not possible to have success like "Epic Split" had without investing into promoting into it in the initial stage. But after gaining premium fame you need to invest less and less in the future,“ answered Ingela.

An example of how Volvo Trucks is doing marketing: