The Baltic Agency of the Year 2015 is MILK from Lithuania

The results of the Baltic Agency Ranking 2015:

No. 1

Milk Agency (Lithuania)

No. 2
Not Perfect Y&R Vilnius (Lithuania)

No. 3
AD McCann Vilnius (Lithuania)

No. 4
Adell Taivas Ogilvy (Lithuania)

No. 5
The Best Agency in Estonia:
Newton (Estonia)

No. 6
Imagine (Estonia)

No. 7
NEW! Agency (Lithuania)

No. 8
The Best Agency in Latvia:
DDB Latvia

No. 9
TBWA Latvia

No. 10
Age McCann (Estonia)

The ranking of Baltic agencies is based on awards won from regional (Kuldmuna, Password, Adrenalinas, ADC*E, etc) and international competitions (Golden Hammer, Golden Drum, KIAF, Balticbest). From regional competitions only golds and Grand Prix’s are taken into consideration. Advertising, media and digital agencies are compared. The results of the most recent award show will be counted (for instance, Adrenalinas in Lithuania took place in 2014 for the last time).

The points were calculated as following:

Local festival Gold = 1 p
Local festival Grand Prix = 2 p
Regional festival Bronze = 1 p
Regional festival Silver = 2 p
Regional festival Gold = 3 p
Regional festival GP = 4 p
Global festival Bronze = 3 p
Global festival Silver = 4 p
Global festival Gold = 5 p
Global festival GP = 6 p