Kristina Mažeikytė: Maxima will focus on personalized promotions

Kristina Mažeikytė

Interview with Kristina Mažeikytė, Chief Marketing Officer at Maxima (Lithuania). Kristina will speak at Balticbest 2016 about the marketing trends in retail business in 2017.

What is different in Maxima marketing  in 2016 compared to the previous year?

We have invested a lot into customer experience and personalized promotions. It is a new battlefield for us. Our customers are getting more personalized offers than ever before. For example, comparing the numbers: last year we made 4 targeted promos per month, now we do 2000 promos per week.

We started with new approach in Lithuania, our home market. Now Estonia and Latvia also follow the same path.

The retail business has changed, the whole marketing model has turned around. Now customers are telling us what they want and we need to offer them what they ask for. In the past, we offered customers what we had.

Which channels do you use for the personalized promotions?

We use mainly email and SMS.

How do you design the personalized promotions?

It is based on the previous shopping behavior. We look for the products that are frequently in the shopping basket, we look what are the favorite brands. And then based on that, we make the offer. For example – if we know that the customer buys a certain milk brand regularly, we offer this week her favourite milk brand for a discounted price to her directly.

But the customer would buy his/her favorite milk anyway. If you offer that to her with a discount, you lose money.

Sometimes you should please your loyal customers and work on retention. Our competitors also work hard to attract our customers and we must make sure that our customers stay with us.

What about the traditional mass media advertising?

We are planning to spend less money on mass media advertising in 2017 than we do this year. We will have even more tools for direct and personalized promotions in 2017 than we have now.

Kristina Mažeikytė has a long and successful career in marketing and communications. She started her career at Omnitel, the biggest telecom company in Lithuania, and later moved on to financial companies like SEB bank and PZU. In 2008 she started working as a Head of Marketing and Communications department at energy company RST, later at LESTO. In 2011 Kristina returned to Omnitel where she worked for 2,5 years, heading prepaid department and communications department. In 2014 she started working as a Strategy Director at Idea Group and in July 2015 she became the CMO of Lithuania’s biggest retail chain Maxima. 

Kristina Mažeikytė will speak about marketing trends in retail business in 2017 at Balticbest on August 24, 2016 in Jurmala, Latvia:

Interviewed by Hando Sinisalu, Best Marketing Estonia